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*This service provider is based in Edinburgh but provides support in West Lothian. 

EARS Independent Advocacy Service (SCIO) provides independent advocacy to people across the Lothians.

Service Description

EARS advocates are independent because they are not employed by any social work department, health board or residential/nursing care home.

Independent advocacy aims to help people ensure that their voice is heard, and give them the support they need to speak up for themselves. Advocacy can give people control over situations in their lives, safeguard their rights, and provide the information needed to make important decisions. For more about what advocacy is, and what advocates can help with, see here.

Independent advocacy exists to:

  • assist and support people to speak out/speak up for themselves – self-advocate
  • ensure that a person’s voice is heard and listened to – advocate on your behalf
  • provide opportunities for you to meet and self-advocate on common issues – collective/group advocacy
  • assist you to achieve their your goals and/or to access the services you need or would benefit from
  • provide the information you need to ensure that you can make informed choices and decisions
  • assist you to gain control over your situations and lives
  • protect your rights

In West Lothian, an EARS independent advocate can support you to speak up or represent your wishes if you are

  •  an adult with a physical disability (or an Acquired Brain Injury)
  • an adult with a learning disability
  • a stroke survivor
  • an older person with mental health difficulties (including dementia)
  • an older person who is in community care, hospital or residential care

EARS Advocacy Service can enable you because it provides the conflict-free support you need – especially during those times when you feel you have little or no control or choice over the decisions being made for/about you or the options open to you.

EARS also strive to raise awareness of the role of advocacy and the benefit advocacy can have in improving people’s outcomes/lives.

For those using the service EARS will be ‘on your side and by your side‘.

Service Categories


Intended Client Groups:

  • Other
    • people who are either physically or learning disabled, on the autistic spectrum, stroke survivors, or over 65.

Applicants for this service should also meet this condition:

- Adults with an acquired brain injury
- Adults with a physical disability
- Adults with a learning disability or on the Autistic spectrum
- Adults who have suffered a Stroke
- Over 65 with mental health issues
- Over 65 in residential, hospital or living in the community


Self Referral

This service accepts direct self referrals.

Contact Info. & Service Address

EARS Advocacy Service
525 Ferry Road

Service Contact

Tel: 01506 205 840
Email: info@ears-advocacy.org.uk
Website: www.ears-advocacy.org.uk

Provider's Name: EARS Independent Advocacy Service (SCIO)

Type: Charity/Voluntary

Image result for ears advocacy EARS Independent Advocacy Service (SCIO) has been providing advocacy to people in Edinburgh and the Lothians since 1999. Originally called the Edinburgh Advocacy & Representation Service, it was founded to provide free, one-to-one independent advocacy for older people in Edinburgh and later in West, Mid and East Lothian. Over the years it has developed into a service that now provides independent advocacy to a range of people.

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Service Contact

Tel: 01506 205 840
Email: info@ears-advocacy.org.uk
Website: www.ears-advocacy.org.uk

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