National Autistic Society Phoneline

The National Autistic Society runs an information phone line. If you are autistic, or you are a family member of someone on the autism spectrum, here are some ways in which you can get information and advice from us.

Call 0808 800 4104

Monday-Thursday 10am – 4pm
Friday 9am – 3pm

They also run a parent-to-parent phoneline where you can receive confidential emotional support from another parent. The service is provided by trained parent volunteers who are all parents themselves of a child or adult with autism. Volunteers are based across the UK so you don’t have to share information with someone in your local area. Our volunteers have personal experience of autism and the impact it has on their own families. They can give other parents the opportunity to talk through problems and feelings, suggest helpful strategies, or provide a non-judgemental listening ear.

Call 0808 800 4106
Free from landlines and most mobiles:
3, O2, Orange, T-mobile, Virgin and Vodafone

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Provider's Name: The National Autistic Society

Type: Charity/Voluntary

The National Autistic Society supports autistic people and their families across the UK, and works to change society for the better for those on the autism spectrum.

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