Scottish Mental Health Service for Deaf People

The Scottish Mental Health Service for Deaf People is a new national service hosted by NHS Lothian. They are committed to providing specialist support in Scotland for deaf people with mental health problems across Scotland.

They provide a high quality service for people with hearing impairment suffering from a mental disorder. Predominantly, they are a consultancy and liaison service providing the following:

  • Advice on local management of deaf people with moderate or severe mental health problems which present challenges in assessment and/or treatment across Scotland
  • Assessment and/or treatment of patients at request of or in liaison with local clinicians on an outreach basis
  • Advice/assessment of the possible requirement for specialist inpatient treatment
  • Provision of training in deaf awareness and deaf mental health issues for mental health professionals.

Service Categories

Provider's Name: NHS Lothian

Type: Charity/Voluntary

NHS Lothian NHS Lothian provides a comprehensive range of primary, community-based and acute hospital services for the second largest residential population in Scotland

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